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Customer charter
This Charter, issued by Orissa Servunity Private Limited, documents the overall standards aimed at ensuring transparency in the goods delivered, services provided, data collection, requirements and general practice relating to provision of these services and the company’s internal requirements for providing different services to the customers.

The goal of Orissa Servunity Private Limited is to deliver Service Excellence in all aspects of our business. This charter covers each of those areas and states clearly the service levels our customers can expect.

While adopting this policy, Orissa Servunity Private Limited reiterates its commitments to all customers that there shall be a strict follow-up of these standards.


All products delivered or services provided shall strictly complies our quality control test and at the scheduled time. In case of any variance found in the service level same shall replaced or corrective measures shall be initiated wherever possible and shall be provided free of cost.

However the company reserves the right to refuse the replacement or initiating corrective measures if the defect arises due to customer negligence.

In case of customized services where the time is constraint and customer approaches our office before 24 hours of scheduled time for solution, the company shall not be liable under any circumstances if the service could not be delivered before the scheduled time.


The products or services shall be delivered to customer as per requirement of the client.
The customer can avail doorstep delivery facility of the company


For all products and services Orissa Servunity Private Limited has a complete listing of charges that would be charged to the customer for the products sold or services rendered.
Orissa Servunity Private Limited also has nominal charges for various special facilities and for various types of customized services.
Orissa Servunity Private Limited also has a discount structure which any customer can avail. All these charges will be provided in the form of a printed leaflet to the prospective customer while providing services.


Orissa Servunity Private Limited ensures that customer bills are clear and accurate and that payments received by the company are posted to the customers account in a timely manner. Bills state clearly the current balance and the payment options available.

Orissa Servunity Private Limited will provide a statement of account to customers at pre-decided intervals the statement of account will contain all the transactions that have been done on your account during that period.

Bills will be dispatched to customers within 3 days of the service delivery with a 15 days time to pay the dues except in certain cases where advance payment is required.

In case a customer account fall into arrears Orissa Servunity Private Limited has a policy of notifying customers prior to any denial of service delivery or initiating any legal action for non-payment.

All service rates are clear, precise and publicly available


Orissa Servunity Private Limited is committed to providing our customers with the best service in the industry. Despite our endeavors’, things do go wrong, and when they do, we want to know so that we can rectify problems as quickly as possible. We have developed procedures to deal with complaints.

All officials at any of the contact points for the Orissa Servunity Private Limited are trained to provide all required information regarding the procedure for lodging the complaint.

Our aim is to resolve the problem to our customer's complete satisfaction. Our Customer Service Representatives will try to solve the problem as quickly as possible, preferably during the phone call. We will agree a course of action with the customer. Complain can also be lodged in our website.

After lodging the complaint you will be allotted a unique complaint number which may be used by the customer for all further communication regarding the same complain.

If a customer is not satisfied with the way a complaint has been handled, he/she may write, or ask to speak to a Supervisor or Customer Service Manager. If the manager is unable to resolve the matter to the customer's satisfaction, they will refer it to their management. The complaint will be investigated and a course of action agreed with the customer to make sure the problem is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Our goal is to respond to 90% of complaints within 3 working days of receipt and resolve 80% within 15 days of receipt of the complain.


Orissa Servunity Private Limited values the information provided by you at the time of getting services from our organization.

We will not use this information for cross selling of services or products by the company, our subsidiaries and affiliates without your knowledge. If Orissa Servunity Private Limited proposes to use such information, consent of the customers will be obtained.

Orissa Servunity Private Limited will not disclose details / particulars of the customer's account to a third person or party without the express or implied consent from the customer.

However, there are some exceptions, viz. disclosure of information under compulsion of law, where there is a duty to public to disclose and where interest of the Orissa Servunity Private Limited requires disclosure.